Mecha Modeling Workshop (PortCon 2004)

PortCon was my second time running the Mecha Modeling Workshop. I felt it would be good to have another run before Otakon: and this time, I was on my own. PortCon is a very small convention, about 800 people in 2004, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

The workshop started out rather badly. Dead, actually. The room was a little hard to find, and I felt like my listing in the schedule wasn't quite visible enough... I don't know if the initial dead-ness was a result of that, or not enough people interested. But at any rate, the staffer who was minding the room with me was kind enough to go and find some people interested in the event and bring them to the room. So I wound up having around 10 people total. Because everyone came late and most didn't show up at the same time, there wasn't much of a presentation: I had to give each person their instructions individually according to their progress. It could have gone better, really, but it was fun, and it helped me to identify things in the workshop presentation that needed improvement.

Unfortunately, I neglected to get photos of the event. Too bad.

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