1:144 Gundam

When Mobile Suit Gundam was to air on US television, I decided I wanted to put some of my Gundam Wing projects on hold so I could build a Gundam and Zaku. As it turned out, I wound up taking much more interest in the Zaku project, and so the HGUC Gundam kit I bought wound up being used as a painting and decaling excercise. As with most of the kits I'd done before, my aim with the Gundam was to devise a more subdued color scheme for the paintjob, favoring low-contrast color combinations rather thank the bright, almost pastel-like colors seen in the anime. The Gundam was also the first project I completed with my airbrush. For various reasons, the end results really weren't all that great, but the project was a great excercise in the use of all my new supplies and equipment.

One of the nice things about the HGUC Gundam is that it builds to a nice representation when built unmodified. That made it a good quick project. Notable details of this build are as follows:


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