Modeler's Statement

I am but the humble student, who seeks one day to snatch the scratchbuilt pebble from the master's fully articulated hand.

One of the things which drew me to robot modeling was that the experience of creating a 3-D model of the design helped me to understand the object the design represents. Often I would see these designs in animation and be captivated by them, but at the same time have no concept of how they "worked". I couldn't visualize the transformations in Macross Plus, for instance, because I didn't have a complete mental picture of the designs. Physical models, even from old, inaccurate kits, provided a tangible representation upon which I could base my understanding. More recently I've developed an interest in the particulars of the designs, and how the designer used them to create a particular effect: I enjoy the process of modeling as a way to better understand the design I'm building, and what drew me to the design in the first place.

Modeling these designs has become an obsession for me. I have a strong desire to produce new, completed works, and it grates me to see existing projects unrealized. I want to achieve, and to show off, and "win", but this is tempered by the slow pace at which I build, the difficulties I have in building to my own standards, and ambitions sometimes outpacing my abilities. I've learned a lot from this hobby already, and I am eager to learn more and demonstrate my own unique achivements.

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