Current Projects

It's taken me some time to bring my modelling skills and equipment up to the level where I could complete a model and be satisfied with the results. Because of this, some of my current projects have been "current projects" for over a year. It's also worth noting that there are always various other models that are in various stages of test-fit or repair: those listed here are recent or current ones which have received the most attention.

Works in Progress

1:144 "Sockmonkey" Sandrock
Started: January 1, 2008 Status: Construction in Progress
This is my effort to make the crappy old 1:144 Sandrock kit look good. This is kind of a "silk purse from a sow's ear" kind of project but I think it's going to actually be pretty simple... I attribute the kits legendary bad looks to a few simple matters of proportion and detail.
1:72 Armored Core CR-C75 "Hakuheisen"
Started: September, 2007. Status: Construction in Progress
This is a kit I was waiting for ever since the Kotobukiya AC kit line first started. It's a design introduced in AC3, a modern rendition of the AC design featured on the box art for the first Armored Core game. Some of my other AC projects were getting a bit complicated so I decided to work on this one for a bit: the project is mostly OOB so it's a bit simpler than some of the others.
1:72 AC Bishop
Started: April, 2007. Status: Construction in Progress
My first Armored Core kit, based on the C01-GAEA kit and additional parts I'll build myself.
1:1000 Starship Enterprise
Started: December, 2005. Status: Painting/Finishing Stage
My dad introduced me to Star Trek, computers, electronics, and many other things. This project combines some of those things - it's a tribute to and a gift for him.
1:100 Zaku (0080 version)
Started: September 14, 2005. Status: Construction in Progress
Back when I started building Gundam kits, I needed to know how to create hollow spheres for some Tallgeese work I was planning - to answer my question, someone pointed me toward a Suku Suku scratch article in which that process, as well as many others, were detailed, repeatedly and consistently, in a scratchbuild of a 1:100 scale Zaku Kai. This version of the Zaku has since become my favorite, and so now I hope to follow in the footsteps of this article by building my own Zaku Kai from scratch.
1:144 Z'Gok Diorama
Started: Spring, 2004. Status: Construction and Planning in Progress.
This diorama is based on a somewhat novel idea that I'm keeping secret for now. (I'd like people to see it for themselves rather than have the idea first explained to them.) While the top-secret work is in progress, I'm giving the HGUC GM Command a much-needed overhaul.
1:144 Sumo
Started: August 15, 2005. Status: Construction in Progress
I had been intending this as a quick project for Otakon 2005, but I didn't finish in time, and afterward found I was quite interested in further exploring the spherical joint construction work I started for this project. Other than the elbow joints I'm going with very limited modifications on this kit, refining a few under-detailed areas and going for a slick finish with Alclad chrome.
1:100 Zaku (08th MS Team version)
Started: July 12, 2005. Status: Construction in Progress
I bought a MG Zaku in the Amazon Gundam sale, and decided to build it 08th MS Team style. While the 08th MST design is very similar to the MG, there are some significant differences, too.

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