YOSH Syntax Concepts

The YOSH design is still evolving: frankly, there are some fundamental problems with it I just haven't solved yet. I am trying to design syntax for a still-developing feature set, incorporate useful or familiar ideas from traditional shells, and resolve all the features against each other so the result will be a consistent, reliable, and secure syntax. However, of the ideas I'm trying to incorporate some I am more attached to than others: these are the ones that will almost certainly make it into the final cut.

Traditional POSIX-style Shell Constructs

The basic concept of YOSH is to add new functionality to the classic UNIX shell methodology: similar to what Microsoft did with Power Shell, except more suited to UNIX sensibilities. I want to use these concepts so the functionality will be familiar and comfortable to people used to UNIX shells - myself included. However, the way they work in YOSH may be very different. The classic concepts I want to use include:

Other Programming Language Concepts

Cool Stuff

YOSH Syntax Characters

Internationalization Concerns

Characters I Won't Use as Syntax

Unfortunate Compromises

Based on the current work-in-progress design, there are some things I know about the shell syntax which aren't really ideal: what can you do, right?

George Caswell
Last modified: Thu Nov 15 20:49:13 EST 2007