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I've always enjoyed computers, ever since I was a kid. Back when I was using Commodore 64s I was always aspiring to learn enough assembly language to write a game. Now, years later, I have the skills that would let me accomplish almost anything I'd like to do with the computer, and it's all just a question of actually making it happen. Although my modeling hobby has taken a lot of my personal time away from my computer hobbies, I still have a lot of interest in pursuing these projects.


YOSH command shell
When I first learned to use Linux I found out a bit about what a command-line environment was really capable of. Now, ten years later, I still favor the command line but I find the traditional command-line systems to be rather limited in their capabilities. Traditional wisdom is that these limitations are inherent in a keyboard-driven, command-driven environment and that GUI-based environments are inherently better. I believe in GUIs but I feel they have limitations, especially for power users - and that what command-line environments need is a bit of modernization, of the sort that's typically reserved for GUIs these days. This project is my effort to create a better command shell.


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